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GI Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figure Wave 11


GI Joe Wave 11 ScarletThis G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 11 (2008 Wave 7) case includes 8 individually packaged characters:
1x Para-Viper (Cobra Paratrooper)
1x Cobra Bazooka Trooper (Cobra Anti-Armor Trooper)
1x Zartan (Master of Disguise, Swamp Squad)
1x Specialist Trakker (Advanced Vehicle Specialist, M.A.S.K.’s Matt Trakker)
1x Sgt. Airborne (Helicopter Assault Trooper)
1x Cobra EEL (Cobra Frogman)
1x Pilot Scarlett (Counter Intelligence)
1x Flint (Warrant Officer in Cobra Disguise)

Retail @ RM22.90 each.

GI Joe Action Figure Wave 11

  • Kenneth

    Hi, are you still able to bring in Wave 11 or is it completely sold-out? Am interested in ordering the set. Do let me know.

    Thanks and regards,