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Hasbro Transformers Movie 2 Toys Wave 3, 4, 5 and 6


A lot of customers keep asking about the release date for the upcoming wave 3, 4, 5 and wave 6 ROTF toys. When is the Leader Class Jetfire available? When is the Devastator available? When are the rest of them coming in to Toywiz? So, we will list down some important dates here for you as reference here 🙂
Please also noted that the date here is subject to change as sometime Hasbro may delay their release dates.

Update Assortment List: TRA MV2 Deluxe Class Wave 7 and TRA MV2 Voyager Class Wave 6!

Hasbro Wave 3 Deluxe Class (1st July, 2009)
Cannon Bumblebee x2
Ravage x2
Mudflap x2
Interroggator Barricade x2
transformers rotf deluxe cannon bumblebee box transformers rotf deluxe mudflap box transformers rotf deluxe interrogator barricade box transformers rotf deluxe ravage box

Hasbro Wave 4 Deluxe Class (27th July, 2009)
Jolt x2
Blazemaster x2
Skids and Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck 2pack) x2
Deadend x2
transformers-rotf-deluxe-mudflap-icecream-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-jolt-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-blazemaster-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-dead-end-box

Hasbro Wave 5 Deluxe Class (9th August, 2009)
Arcee x1
Scorponok x1
Swerve x2
Skids and Mudflap x1
Jolt x1
Blazemaster x1
Sideways x1
transformers-rotf-deluxe-swerve transformers-rotf-deluxe-stalker-scorponok transformers-rotf-deluxe-arcee

For more pictures on the Blazemaster, Jolt, Icecream trucks, you can check out this forum page from Transformersbay Forum.

Hasbro Wave 6 Deluxe Class (7th September, 2009)
Autobots Gears x1
Thrust x1
Mudflap x1
Ravage x1
Chromia x1
Cannon Bumblebee x2
Smokescreen x1

Hasbro Wave 7 Deluxe Class (or Transformers MV2 Deluxe Class Wave 1 2010)
Autobots Gears
Jet (Dirge as suggested by Greg?)
Dune Buggy

Hasbro Wave 3 Voyager Class (20th June, 2009)
Mixmaster x2
Megatron x2
transformers rotf voyager megatron transformers rotf voyager mixmaster box

Hasbro Wave 3 Revision 2 Voyager Class (1st July, 2009)
Mixmaster x1
Megatron x1
Fallen x1
Desert Tracker Ratchet x1

Hasbro Wave 4 Voyager Class (6th July, 2009)
Stratosphere x1
Demolishor x1
Starscream x1
Optimus Prime x1

Hasbro Wave 4 Revision 3 Voyager Class (20th June, 2009)
Stratosphere x1
Fallen x1
Megatron x1
Tracker Ratchet x1
transformers rotf voyager stratosphere

Hasbro Wave 5 Voyager Class (20th July, 2009)
Grindor x2
Long Haul x2
transformers-rotf-voyager-grindor transformers-rotf-voyager-longhaul

Hasbro Wave 6 Voyager Class (or Transformers MV2 Voyager Class Wave 1 2010)
Tank (Bludgeon as reported by TF08)
Jungle Attack Ironhide (as suggested by Greg)

Hasbro Wave 2 Leader Class (6th July, 2009)
Jetfire x1
Optimus Prime x1

  • sudin

    wow…thanks for the awesome info…now can do budget..thanks..this is so helpful…

  • Lee


    Thre is no mention of the Human Alliance SideSwipe in your list above. Do you have any info and when will this be release here?

  • Jo

    Is this avallable at all shops forinstance toys R us
    ??? pls answer

  • Hong

    if these toys come to sibu,sarawak market??i want to buy more complicated one

  • Lawrence Low

    Woooo hooo by tomorrow my collection will be COMPLETE!!! Anyway, im kinda dissapointed with the issue of devastator. Seems that I have to buy three sets

  • Cody.

    thankzzzzz i been looking for these dates

  • Is jetfire leader class available already in your store?
    Would really really luv to get it.

  • gargan

    i want jetfire!!! 😀

  • Cody.

    i dont understand what does the x’s mean? like theres two jolts, jolt x1 and jolt x2……..??

  • wandi

    is there any stock left?

  • jet fire??? how does it look like?

  • Samuel

    Hey, hope i am not too late.. is LC JETFIRE still available? Preorder??

  • Sideswap

    Hello! Im looking forward to get Swerve since I’d miss Sideswipe… Will Swerve b available in Toy’s R Us or Parkson Grand shopping mall?? I mean like if Swerve is released thn will it b released worldwide or wat?

    Really wan Swerve man its cool!!!Hoped Im nt too late for Swerve… : ^)

  • Lee

    The date shown is not accurate. For example, according to your list above LeaderClass JetFire suppose to be here 6th July but now already coming to August. It is not a good indicator on when the new toys are arriving. Is there a more up to date listing?

  • Sideswap

    Oh man!! So we’ll juz gonna hav to wati n wait n wait?? haha bt how would I know whn to look at stroes if they’re being released?? I DUNWAN TO B LATE 4 SWERVE AGAIN!!!

    I’ve heard some said he’ll b released on 1st of Oct 2009… Haih…

  • Jeremy

    Is this in yet??

    Skids and Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck 2pack)

  • calvin

    steven/david, i’ve placed my order for jetfire, can u add jolt and the ice cream truck in the list? or i need to keep showing up at the store to haunt on the same thing every other day? hahahaha… thanks guys!

  • Actually, the tank in Voyager Wave 6 is Bludgeon and the Ironhide is Jungle Attack Ironhide. 🙂

  • Oh, and Wave 7 Deluxe would be Dirge and Brawn if I’m not mistaken.

  • Sideswap

    Huh? Can order already?? How can I order Deluxe Class Swwerve(Sideswipe repaint)???

    Like Calvin said do i hav to haunt Toy’s R US or Parkson everyday beginning from 9th August till 1st Oct if Swerve is nt yet released??? ><

  • Tan Yean Hsiang

    i pre-order jetfire in the form,hopefully you received David…thanks!!!

  • ah boi

    i already buy jetfire & long haul at toys r us kuantan… but in limited quantity.. go get em’ guys.. its damn nice..

  • banbon_genfu

    why there is nothing about the superion in ROTF package…???

  • unnamed fatass.

    thanks i guess lol

  • mohdjiman

    is stratosphere still available? and also sideswipe?

  • Dien

    when will jolt available?

  • rafael

    woaw jolt is available were did you buy that

  • cj

    when are these toys in shores and what stores are they in

  • derrick tan

    I saw lots of ROTF toys at Berjaya Times Square, the 3 topyshops located inside the Cosmos Theme Park. When I saw the Mix Master with green colour body but with the original packing (where it shows the body in the original silver colour), I realise the 3 shops maybe selling counterfeit toys. They have the cheek to sell it at the normal retail price!!! How sure are we that the other shops are not displaying the counterfeit versions which looks so much like the real ones. Scary!!!

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  • CS Lim

    When are the stock of Leader Class Optimus Prime, Megatron and Jetfire available, same as for smokescreen (Hasbro package)? thanks!

  • wcchua

    I would keen to buy Starcsream how much is it plus courier to Segamat 85020, Johor?

  • luzyx

    voyager class mixmaster,ironhide and grindor are still in stock????

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