Companies Hasbro Hasbro Transformers Movie 2 Voyager Class Long Haul and Grindor

Hasbro Transformers Movie 2 Voyager Class Long Haul and Grindor


As reported earlier, the Movie 2 Voyager Class Wave 5 figures arrived to Toywiz now, with both Long Haul and Grindor in this assortment. Grindor is a repaint of the Transformers Movie 1 Blackout and also comes with the extra scorponok in the box. Retail price for the voyager class is RM119 at Toywiz Malaysia. In stock now and some figures are selling in set only.

transformers-rotf-voyager-grindor transformers-rotf-voyager-longhaul

  • Raymie

    Just got the Long Haul this afternoo…..very cool in robot or truck mode………….i wish to collect all the Decepticon construction toys……….right now i have only Rampage & this Long Haul…maybe next time I will get the Mixmaster & Demolisher……….

  • Sham

    Yup..i like too…i only have rampage..but this toy expensive…where can i buy this transformers toys at cheaper price in Malaysia? anyone can answer me…
    i have the picture of this name Hishamvatorz

  • Alvin

    Dear Sham,
    U can try buying from e-bay malaysia. My fren bought the supreme class devastator for less than 400. And best of all, its cash on delivery.

  • freem

    dang gone it does EVERYWHERE have long haul except Canada ?!?! i mean c’mon cant find this guy anywhere…

  • Farid Izzul

    This toy still in stock…can’t find it anywhere…please tell me….if this toy in stock