Sections Transformers Justitoys WST Dark Dinobot Retribution Set (Limited Edition)

Justitoys WST Dark Dinobot Retribution Set (Limited Edition)


Justitoys’ worldwide limited 500pcs the Dark Dinobot Retribution Giftset (Set of 5 black color and chrome dinobots) arrived to Toywiz now. This giftset includes all 5 dinobots: Grimlock, Snarl, Slag, Sludge, and Swoop in black color scheme. Each figures includes chromed swords and die-cast parts, transformable to robot and dinosaurs. Absolutely a must have for Transformers fans.

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  • Andrew T

    Bro, how much does this set cost? Are these based on the G1 mould? Cheers.

  • Izzy

    Really need to know the price~!!!!

  • David

    Sorry guys, this item is fully reserved now.

  • zentet

    Bro do u have WST dinobot normal edition? how much is it?