Companies Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 12″ Action Figure 2009 Wave 1

Marvel Legends Icons 12″ Action Figure 2009 Wave 1


Received some new photos for the new 2009 Hasbro Marvel Legends Icons 12-inches action figure and it will continue with more fan favorite Marvel heroes! 2009 Wave 1 will includes the following: Colossus, Daredevil (Red and Yellow variant color), Phoenix (Normal and Dark Phoenix variant color), and Nightcrawler. Check out the photos below.

  • Andrew T

    Steven and David, can you please save me Colossus and Phoenix (both Normal and Dark Phoenix variant colors). Thank you 🙂

  • noel go

    i have bought one of your figure but it has a damage on the right leg.The joint connecting the knee is not steady so the figure cannot stand for display. can the juggernaut and sabertooth would be your next issue.

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