Companies Takara Tomy Takara Tomy Buster Prime and Jetfire 2-Pack (Exclusive)

Takara Tomy Buster Prime and Jetfire 2-Pack (Exclusive)


As reported on Transformersbay and Seibertron, there will be a Asia Exclusive Buster Optimue Prime with mouth plate and Redeco Jetfire combo 2-pack by Takara Tomy early next year 2010. Looking from the first few pictures showing the package photo, the new Buster Prime (with metallic paintings) will have the original face plate and this is definitely made specially for the hardcore fans!

Final product and packaging, initial first batch of stocks arrived to Toywiz Malaysia now @ RM429 each.

Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder for this combo pack now and preorder price for RM399 in Feb 2010 batch. Start ordering now and this shall be arriving early next year 2010.


takaratomy-buster-prime-jetfire-with-mouth-plate takaratomy-repaint-Jetfire

Pictures credit to Transformersbay Forum, Robotkingdom and Seibertron.

  • james ong

    Is fantastic…this will be hell of a collection but does it come with buster gun?

  • I think it’s coming with the canon; if not, they wouldn’t called it ‘Buster Prime’. Maybe they pack it with the exhaust drums which transform the canon still attached at the back as usual – not like the current Buster Prime package which the canon was already transformed and attached to Prime’s fist.

  • alifhide2007

    WTF! Already bought them both! Now comes in combo pack! and its cheap! Aiyoh…

  • Puvin

    Anyone wants the faceplate prime minus the jetfire???
    I would just want the jetfire, anyone interested to split the purchase? Let me know ASAP ya.

  • check this out;

    “The Jetfire redeco into the colour of brown & black instead blue, more metal feel.

    The Optimus Prime has chrome like RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime Body, and have gun too. Also, there are some color variance on OP body, different head from RA-24, and have blue outline on the flame pattern.”

  • raymond


    Dude, I do want the prime only. I can split with u if you want. is that ok? how to contact you?

  • rizz

    this pack has been in stores in the usa (usa version) for quite sometime now.. yes a bit cheaper (combo pack maa, less use of box and those wire that strapped around the figures and etc).

    but yesterday i bought optimus prime and jetfire (sole separately) and the best part.. i got discount on it.. retail price is rm219 each.. i got less 20%…damn worth it – tak kira laa either it takara or hasbro… hahahahahah…

  • zaraki888

    Hi autobots!

    I would like to know the price in US dollars. There is another company that is asking 100 USD. Is that cheaper? Please tell me. I want Prime so maybe I can sell jetfire to someone? I promise I will not take it out of the box.


  • zaraki888

    btw. I think Takara will not stop with making new versions of prime. There might be a third one but this time without jetfire and with a removable faceplate. (my opinion) I think it’s not difficult to make a removable faceplate, just look closer and you will see there is enough space for a piece of plastic.
    They just did it on purpose to earn more money. I also think that the next one will have blue eyes.

    But the question is, are you able to take the risk and not buy this one?

  • Rims

    I’m looking for the Jetfire (takara). If anyone knows where I can get it or wants to sell one to me…Just contact me asap.

  • zaraki888


    Hi, I would like to buy the 2 pack version but I only want prime. So maybe I can sell jetfire to you. My e-mail is


  • qusyairi

    i want both..these figures made me crazy..

  • Raja Faiz

    I’ve just bought this 2 pack figure…YES!!!! In my opinion, prime in 2 pack is more movie accurate…and more complete presentation…i mean better paint job, chrome, flame, transformable cannon, and last but not least…the face plate..!!!

  • Saiful

    Is it the same scale separate and combo version?

  • luzyx

    are this combo pack still in stock….

  • Go2toilet

    Stil available!?

  • Peter_care4u

    This model still available for Pre_order?

  • Mokkeat

    still have stock for Jetfire? What the price can quote to email address below:

  • Adnilsah_yin

    please reissued this item…please….please….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…………..

  • steven lim

    This model still available for Pre_order??? What the price can quote to email address
    thank you.

  • Skyf50wrx

    Do u still have the combo package? How much? Please email to me at

  • Mj Phooi

    tat combo pack still hv stock? pls pm to my mail:

  • Mj Phooi

    tat combo pack still hv stock? pls pm to my mail: