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Takara Tomy Exclusive Revenge of the Fallen Black Soundwave


transformers2-rotf-black-soundwaveThe Chara Hobby Exclusive Black color repaint of the Transformers Movie 2 Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave just arrived to Toywiz Malaysia. This item is limited in quatities and available only through Chara Hobby Show in Japan. This is for the hardcore Transformers fans, especially Michael Bay’s version of Transformers movie! Available now at Toywiz Malaysia and limited in stock.

  • giamgiam

    so…how muz its it?

  • raj

    how much is it ? btw hi giam this is devillsin

  • DroolMAN

    This item is already sold out since yesterday (30/9), so said the shop owner. Dunno why bother posting the info today (1/10) that the item is for sale.

    Called and SMSed, no response. Drive there, sold out. Please update this page info and don’t waste your customer’s time.

  • giamgiam

    haha devilsin, nice to c u here~

    hmm…sold out !? so sad… luckily did not visit d shop yet.

  • David

    Ops, sorry about that, as I said, you can preorder the second batch if interested.

  • giamgiam

    ok, but i need to know its price. TQ

  • alpha_lima131

    go to queensbay… there’s still one there. just saw it hours ago (10/15/2009). Good luck!

  • alpha_lima131

    btw.. prize is 500RM… i think it’s over rated… which is why i didn’t get it… i got my takara optimus + jetfire with less than 500RM..

  • giamgiam


  • luzyx

    I saw on Queesbay…the price is about RM360 I think?????