Companies Takara Tomy Takara Tomy ROTF RA-01B Black Convoy (Amazon Japan Exclusive)

Takara Tomy ROTF RA-01B Black Convoy (Amazon Japan Exclusive)


amazon-rotf-black-optimusprimeThere is a new BLACK repaint of the leader class Optimus Prime available with the purchase of DVD/Bluray discs for the mega blockbuster Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen in Amazon Japan. Takara Tomy will release a black repaint of their RA-01 Convoy and this item will only be available in Amazon Japan if you purchase either the DVD version or Blu-Ray Discs of the movie. There is also a bonus figure EZ Collection Black Bumblebee together with this set.

Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorders for this exclusive item and limited quantities are secured. Item IN STOCK NOW from Amazon!


amazon-rotf-black-bumblebee-ezcollection transformers2-dvd-bluray

  • kamarul zaman bin said

    i want to order, but which is the item code need for order form?..tq

  • Kevin

    How much??