Companies Takara Tomy Takara Tomy Transformers 2 Items For Oct/Nov

Takara Tomy Transformers 2 Items For Oct/Nov


Takara Tomy released some news about the incoming release of Transformers 2 for October and November 2009. The Human Alliance series were announced and there are a new version of Leader Class Optimus Prime (Buster Convoy) with new mold! Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder for these Japan Takara Tomy version of the ROTF toys and take a look at the listing below.

RA-21 Human Alliance Bumblebee and Sam Witwicky (5,000yen Human Alliance Class, available Oct 2009)

RA-22 Human Alliance Sideswipe and Tech Sergeant Epps (5,000yen Human Alliance Class, available Oct 2009)

RA-23 Arcee (2,300yen Deluxe Class, available Oct 2009)

RA-24 Buster Optimus Prime/Convoy (7,300yen Leader Class, available 21st Nov 2009, RM279)
This is the Takara Tomy Premium Leader Class Prime, for more information, check out this page.

RA-25 Human Alliance Skids and Mikaela Banes (5,000yen Human Alliance Class, available 21st Nov 2009)

RD-17 Long Haul (3,800yen Voyager Class, available Oct 2009)

RD-18 Grindor (3,800yen Voyager Class, available Oct 2009)

  • lik

    i saw human alliance bumblebee with yellow and grey colour on his feet . but those in the shops are purely black including the one in this picture too . can i get the yellow feet if possible ?

  • Sipeswipe is very nice!!! But why grindor is similiar as blackout???

  • mohdjiman

    waiting for optimus prime

  • David

    Grindor is a repaint color of Blackout from the first transformers movie.

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  • wut? optimus prime got human alliance also??? ==”

  • Aziz

    David, cn I get just the gun portion, I already the latest optimus prime, but without the gun…

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