Transformers Movie EZ Collection DX Devastator Set

Transformers Movie EZ Collection DX Devastator Set


Earlier on, Takara Tomy released the news about the new EZ Collection for the Transformers Movie 2 main characters, now they are coming out with the DX version DEVASTATOR Set of 7 figures! From the description, all the legend-class figures can combine to form the ROTF Devastator! Each figures can transform to vehicles too. This is absolutely great news for the Transformers fans as they can even have another full collection of legend class movie figures!

Takara Tomy EZ Collection Constructicons
Takara Tomy EZ Collection Constructicons
EZ Collections Devastator Combiner
EZ Collections Devastator Combiner

Available this July 2009 from Takara Tomy. Retail price is RM25 each and 1 ctn contains 24 pieces. Pre-order the whole set now at Toywiz Malaysia today and don’t miss out this combiner to complete your Transformers Movie collection. 1 set of 7 figures (for Devastator) is RM199 and 1 cartoon of 24 figures is RM700. In Stock Now at Toywiz Malaysia

Shipping International, We Accept Paypal, Credit Cards and Western Union!


1 whole carton box contains 24 pcs (3 full set of 7 figures and 3 extra figures). Each carton box may contain variant figures inside and 1 new sealed box is selling at RM550 per carton box. Preorder now at Toywiz Malaysia and they will be shipped once the stock in.

  • Jonathan Pawlowski

    How is Overload part of Devastator. I mean he never was and six constructicons are enough to make Devastator. I just doesn’t make any sense.

  • David

    For your information, the coming Michael Bay’s ROTF movie will feature a Devastator with 7 construticons!

  • jarvis

    YUCK !That”s DEVASTATOR?!!! I love the TRANSFORMERS but not enough 4 it to be in a screwed up movie version ! There is a reason why the TRANSFORMERS robots were popular because of how they looked visually. MICHAEL BAY could have done this movie & called it the GO-BOTS (which would have been an improvement for that brand)or better yet ,BIONICLE (WHICH IS WHAT THEY REALLY LIKE/ in the 2 movies) instead of botching up the style & look of the TRANSFORMERS line.I am waiting for someone down the road to do this movie right, after Michael Bay finishes RAPING IT!I recently saw the opening trailer for TERMINATOR:SALVATION & mistaken it for TRANSFOMERS:ROTF,now that truly SUCKS !!!

  • http://sssss Liu qi

    i’m chinese I like it!

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  • naresh

    This is one of the best Devastator toys I have ever seen!

    When is the release date?

  • naresh

    David,where do you get all these pictures?

  • David

    These are sent by Takara Tomy and you can check out some new Takara Tomy pix for some incoming new figures!

  • naresh

    where can i get this?

  • tj

    javrvis shut the hell up

  • http://none Aiman Syafiq

    HOW to order because i dont know how

  • op4th

    I want to ask about ordering:
    Is it shipped to Poland and is it the set of 7 legends figures?

  • Devil-D

    i wanna know if its coming to the uk???????????????? anyone???? please help :)

  • CTmada109

    when is this coming to hawaii plz tell me

  • sic


  • Ivan

    this one looks much better than Hasbro one, but looks quie small. David, you you know the actual size (height) of this combination ?

  • Tasha

    Jarvis,I love you!!!!

  • jing suan

    Nice!!! But If already have voyager version contruction can combine to devastator also????

  • Bfa

    “That”s DEVASTATOR?!!!”
    No, that’s a toy Devastator.

    Wait, I thought you were trying to say that they were /bad/…

    “I recently saw the opening trailer for TERMINATOR:SALVATION & mistaken it for TRANSFOMERS:ROTF,now that truly SUCKS !!!”
    Naw, that just means you’re an idiot. :]

    Also, lose the random CAPITALS and use some proper spacing. That was difficult to read.

  • David

    Just found out a Japanese blog about the EZ collectin Devastator! Looks like these legend class figures are really amazing, fully combining and transforming at the same time! You guys can check more pictures and information from this page:

  • Lawrence

    Holy shit….why Takara version is soooooo smallll?

  • Andrew T

    David, pls sms me when the stock arrives this week :)

  • Xand

    FB message me or email me when this arrived. Serious buyer here!!

  • Naresh

    jarvis,when will this figure come out?

  • Naresh

    when will this figure come out?

  • khairiel afzan

    any stock of these?n the RM700 carton set contains what also huh?

  • aie

    whats the price for this devastator

  • amaynez

    When will the ledgen class devestator transformer avalable in te USA? If not soon then how can it be ordered from Japan?

  • codey

    i sent an order form a few days ago for this figure and you have not responded for the order how long will it take for you to respond

  • codey

    i am canceling my order

  • Cromwel H. Castañeda


    Good day to you! I would like to ask about this Transformers Movie EZ Collection DX Devastator Set. 1 set of 7 figures (for Devastator) and I believe it will cost USD$56.50. A couple of question. Do you ship here in the Philippines? Can you give me a idea how much would it cost me including shipping?

    Hoping for your soonest reply. Thanks in advance!


  • kim sharpe

    my son was watching a utube video about the ez/legends devastator and has been saving for a long time for this toy and now he said he has enough and I cannot find it anywhere do you know who makes it or where to buy it online? We only found one on ebay and it was a whopping 349.00 is that accurate? Anyhow this is the only site I found that someone could possibly help me thanks for your help in advance

  • Sam Yuen

    jarvis shut the hell up man you screw every thing!!! you know if you hate it soooooooo much why are you watching it then???
    you damn ******* shit with a flavour of your ******* ass hole with trash as a stupid damn suprise!!!

  • Sam Yuen

    @kim sharpe
    i can find a lot in holland and if you bu something from holland then visit
    EZ cost: 57,95
    legends cost: 59,95

  • gushers1114

    I saw a “youtube” video as well, a dude named seon long was transforming the little bots, and I think it looked totely freakn’ awsome!!!

  • gushers1114

    You can watch Seon’s vids. on “” or “youtube”. (Not all of them will be devastator thogh).

  • gushers1114

    it’s a fact now, I even looked it up, mini-dev. will NOT be avalible ’till the spring of 2011(I put ‘spring of 2011’ because I was origenely ganna put ‘next spring’ but I didn’t know when some one was gonna read this) :)

  • nasir

    just bought devastator set from 99 mart for rm22.40…just nice, where i saw same figure at toys r us is rm150. well i just want to collect and kept it in locker, nobody knows it is the china made tf2…

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  • Anonymous

    Transformers fans as they can even have another full collection of legend class movie figures!

  • Anonymous

    But then it could be a refreshing change considering that the hour long drive was spent honking your way through clogged roads at a snail’s pace.

  • nike ctr360 maestri

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  • Anonymous

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