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2009 Exclusive Barbie Chinese New Year Doll

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We have received some new stocks for the exclusive Barbie Chinese New Year Doll for 2009, the year of Ox. Barbie wears a modern pink cheongsam/qi pao to celebrate the new year of Ox 2009. According to the Chinese tradition, 2009 is the year of Ox.

This doll is limited edition, retail price is RM90. In stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and selling hot!

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A deep and critical thinker, the Ox is a hard worker known for being patientm stable and persevering. The Ox is a tolerant person with a brave, strong, and independant character. Ox people are born leaders who are tireless in their work and capable of enduring great amounts of hardship without complaint.

Ox people have clear, logical minds and approach tasks in a systematic manner. They often need peace and quiet to work through their ideas. They are responsible and level-headed, with their feet planted firmly on the ground. For the Ox, balance and security are very important.

Ox people are kind, generous, sincere, and truthful. They are always welcomed by the people around them because of their honesty, positive energy, and genuine desire to help others. It is no wonder that Ox people have many friends!

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Written by David

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