2009 SDCC Exclusive Marvel Universe Invaders Set


SDCC-Marvel-Universe-Invaders-PackAnother 2009 SDCC exclusive figure from Hasbro is the Marvel Universe – 3 ¾ 70th Anniversary Box Set. The Invaders are here! Celebrating 70 years of rich comic history, this exclusive box set pays tribute to a classic super team and four timeless Marvel characters.

Featuring all original artwork by none other than Joe Quesada, each set includes four separate single carded figures: Captain America, the Original Human Torch, Prince Namor and the Red Skull. Sealed with a commemorative 70th anniversary magnet and stuffed with 4 “top secret” War Dept. files, you won’t want to miss this one! Grab it now at Toywiz Malaysia.

This exclusive pack is available now at Toywiz Malaysia for RM139. The pack includes a very nice packaging, absolutely for Marvel fans collectibles! Don’t miss this exclusive set!

2009 SDCC Marvel Universe Invaders Pack
2009 SDCC Marvel Universe Invaders Pack

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