2013 Barbie Fashion Model Collection Gold Label Silkstone Ball Gown


BFMC celebrates its 2013 collection direct from the ateliar. Make an unforgettable entrance in a unique and glamorous satin gown. A full skirt, sheer black short sleeves, and beautifully tailored , off-shoulder bodice define the brilliant teal gown. A striking black belt with bow accents her waist. Classic underpinnings include black tulle petticoat and hose. Silvery jewelry adds a touch of sophisticated sparkle. Included with doll: Stand, pumps, earrings, brooch, petticoat, tights,and gloves.

We have received the latest 2013 BFMC Gold Lable Silkstone Barbie, the Ball Gown Barbie X8275. In stock now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia for RM379.


X8275 Barbie Ball Gown