Asmus Toys 1/6th Scale Lord of the Rings Eowyn Action Figure

Toywiz and Toy Garden is taking preorder now for the Asmus Toys 1/6th Scale LOTR Eowyn figure. The LOTR Sixth scale figures continue to amaze us with more selection from ROTK and fans can build up their Middle Earth scenes! The Eowyn Sixth Scale Figure features:
Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness Eowyn from The Return of the King. [pull_quote_center]Preorder now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia for RM448 and a deposit of RM50 is required to place order. Estimated release date Q1 2015.[/pull_quote_center]
•         Super action female body / 女性可動素體
•         Approximately 28 cm tall / 約 28公分高
•         Over 36 points of articulation / 超過36處可動

Features :
•         An authentic likeness of actoress from the film.  / 精緻仿真1/6頭雕
•         One pair of relaxed posture hand  / 一般手一副
•         One pair of weapon holding hand / 握武器手一副
•         One pair of random posture hand / 放鬆手一副

Special features on Clothing:
•         One Green cape (綠色斗篷一件)
•         One long sleeved undervest  (綠色長衫一件)
•         One pair of  long underpants (咖啡色長褲一件)
•         One special patterned movie realistic armor (仿電影圖騰皮甲一套)
•         One special patterned movie realistic wrist (仿電影圖騰腕甲一對)
•         One special chainmail (鎖鍊甲一件)
•         One pair of boots  (靴子一雙)
•         One Helmet (頭盔一只)
Special features in weapons:
•         One  sword  / 配劍一把
•         One belt plus sheath holder / 皮帶一條可裝配劍
•         One sword sheath / 劍鞘一組
•         One Shield / 盾牌一面
•         One Broken Shield / 碎裂盾牌一面

•         One interractive cutom base / 場景地台一個
•         One Asmus Toys figure stand /Asmus Toys 支架一個

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Written by David

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