Bandai Kamen Rider Masked Rider DX Henshin Belt Decade Driver, Diend Driver, Fourze Driver


We have received a whole lot of Japan version Bandai DX henshin belts, DX Decade Driver, Fourze Driver, and many more arriving to Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia.

Bandai Japan Version DX Decade Driver with Belt, Buckle, and 10pcs Kamen Rider Cards! Around 60 different sounds with waist size: 48-68cm. Available now for RM299.

Bandai Japan Version DX Fourze Driver with huge size of 290mm length! 4 switch attached (Rocket switch, Launcher Switch, Drill Switch, Radar switch) Available now for RM399.

Bandai Japan Version DX Fourze Elek Module Billy the Rod, with One Elek switch! Available now for RM229.

Bandai Japan Version DX Power Dizer and Machine Massigler, available now for RM349.

Bandai Japan Version DX Dendriver Loading Gun, available now for RM239.

Bandai Japan Version DX K-Touch, available now for RM239.

Bandai Fourze Foodroid Series 03 Hulashake RM149

Bandai Fourze EX Rocket Switch RM79

Bandai Fourze Astro Swith Set for RM49 each set


  1. I like Masked Rider Decade, it’s cool and stronger ever…. he also transform into ultimate decade with using device…… i like it..

  2. I buy Available now for RM399. and available now for RM239.(6piece). How mach?
    To sent Email:lada8@thaimail.con

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