Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-60 God Sigma


The long awaited release of Space Emperor God Sigma to Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin SOC series. All component robots of the Sigma formation- Kaimeiou (right leg), Kuuraiou (main body), Rikushin’ou (left leg), and Big Wing are included and can be combined to form the massive God Sigma.

Accessories included for God Sigma’s metalic Musouken sword, as well as the God Shield mounted on upper part of the Big Wing. A full array of weapon accessories such as Kaimeiou’s Water Gun, Kuuraiou’s Kuuraiken sword, as well Rikushin’s hammer are also included for full-armament replication of individual robots! Figure is rendered in die-cast. Special stand included. 30cm (11.2″) huge size!

In stock now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia! Limited stocks only.



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