Bandai Tamagotchi Color Version Pocket Pet New Model


We just received news from Bandai that the evergreen Tamagotchi (Color Version) will be coming our way soon! The Tamagotchi Color Version is just like the previous model, with its great high-resolution color screen and tamagotchi’s simple interface and controls mean you can get full satisfaction!

Available in FIVE funky cute colors, this new version has proved immensely popular with Japanese youngsters when it was released recently. Whatever your age, you will be instantly addicted to playing with this new friend!!

Available now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia, RM199 each and assorted colors are available!

The Color Tamagotchi features:

– High-resolution (128×128) TFT color dot-matrix screen
– 32-bit RISC processor
– Size: 58 x 68 x 31mm (2.3 x 2.7 x 1.2″)
– Weight: 70g (inc. battery)
– Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)
– Manual & interface: English
– Suitable for ages 6 and above


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