DC Universe Classics Wave 7


[image title=”dcuc-wave7-buildafigure” size=”medium” id=”1702″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ]We have received some new stocks from Mattel, the latest Wave 7 from DCUC series.

Wave 7 Build and Connect figure will be Atom Smasher and we need to collect all 7 figures: Ocean Warrior Aquaman (Upper & Middle Torso), Kid Flash (Right Arm), Blue Beetle (Right Leg), The Flash (Figure Stand), Captain Cold (Head and Lower Torso), Big Barda (Left Arm), Booster Gold (Left Leg).

We have received a revision one assortment with the following 4 figures: The Flash, Captain Cold, Big Barda, and Kid Flash. There are also 2 more extra figures from this assortment, Batman and Green Lantern figures!

Retail price is RM79 each. Selling hot now at Toywiz, so grab yours today!
Check out these pictures below:

This wave also has a variant figure as follow, Big Barda.

[image title=”dcuc-wave7-bigbarda-variant” size=”medium” id=”1704″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]


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