Enterbay 1/6th Scale Real Masterpiece: Che Guevara (RM-1034)


Another surprise from Enterbay, they have announced the latest Real Masterpiece figure which is Che Guevara! Ernesto Che Guevara (14th June, 1928 – 9th October, 1967), commonly known as CHE; he was an Argentine Marxist revolutionist.

He was also a physician, an author, an intellectual, a rebel leader, and military attaché theorist. He was a major and inspirational figure of the Cuban Revolution during the 50s. His stylized visage has become a well known counter-cultural symbol of revolution and a global icon within the sub-culture.

This Che figure includes:

– 30 cm Tall
– Museum-like representation of Che Guevara with authentic likeness
– A trademark signature one-star beret
– An imitation leather jacket
– A traditional military combat outfit with belt
– A pair of combat boots
– M2 carbine
– M1911 Pistol with a holster
– A watch and a cigar
– A classic camera with a strap
– 3 pairs of the inter-changeable posing hands
– RM-5 Original Action Body, featuring 40 points of articulation
– FS-201 figure stand

Produced and Manufactured by ENTERBAY

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Release date: April 2012


  1. A terrorist toy ? I wonder if they have in the same collection Osama Bin Laden with AK-47 and a C-4 bomb ,or Adolph Hitler with a portable gas chamber for kill Jews .

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