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G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Figures In Toywiz Soon

GijoemovieposterThe GI Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra will be released on 7th August, 2009 and the toys and figures will definitely come in one month earlier! Here are the incoming shipment for the G.I. Joe Movie toys and for all those Joe fans out there, you are being warned now – Start Loading Up!

Excerpt: Set ten years in the future, the film is an origin story, showing the rise of the Cobra Organization. Stephen Sommers said, “For people who know nothing about it, it’ll make sense. And to people who love this stuff, it’ll show where they all came from.”
The film focuses on Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord’s (Marlon Wayans) induction into the G.I. Joe Team, providing the audience’s point-of-view. Locations include the Arctic, Paris, Moscow, Washington, D.C., Australia and the Sahara. The G.I. Joe Team is based in the Pit, while it was indicated Cobra Island will appear.

Here are some of the items hitting Toywiz store soon, with figurines, vehicles, 12-inches figure, huge playset and more! Some basic figures/vehicles might be selling in sets only and place your preorders earlier as the GI Joe merchandise shall be limited.

GI Joe Movie Preview Figures – M.A.R.S. Troopers Action Figure 3-Pack (Military Armaments Research Syndicate) – RM99.90

GI Joe Movie Rise of Cobra Basic Figures Collection 1 – RM36.90
Conrad “Duke” Hauser Desert Ambush
Baroness Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit
Destro (Weapons Supplier)
Snake Eyes Ninja Commando
Storm Shadow Ninja Mercenary
Neo-Viper Attack on the G.I. Joe Pit
GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Destro GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Baroness-Attack-On-Pit GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Conrad-Duke GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Neo-Viper GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Snake-Eyes GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C1-Storm-Shadow

GI Joe Movie Rise of Cobra Basic Figures Collection 2 – RM36.90
Shana “Scarlett” O’ Hara Covert Operations
Cobra Viper Commando Desert Ambush
Wallace “Ripcord” Weems (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit)
Heavy Duty Heavy Weapons Specialist
Abel “Breaker” Shaz Technical Surveillance
Shipwreck Naval Commando
Zartan Master of Disguise
GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Breaker-Shaz GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Cobra-Viper-Commando GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Heavy-Duty-Specialist GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Scarlett GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Shipwreck GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Wallace-ripcord-Weems GIJoe-RiseofCobra-C2-Zartan

GI Joe Movie Alpha Vehicles Wave 1 – RM69.90
Mole Pod with Terra-Viper
Armored Panther tank with Sgt. Thunderblast
Rockslide ATAV with Snow Job
Snake Trax ATV with Scrap Iron
GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Rockslide-ATAV GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Snake-Trax-ATV GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Armored-Panther GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Mole-Pod

GI Joe Movie Bravo Vehicles – RM119.90
Cobra Gunship with Firefly
Steel Crusher APV with Nitro-Viper
Ice Dagger with Frostbite
GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Cobra-Gunship GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Steel-Crusher-APV GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Ice-Digger

GI Joe Movie Echo Vehicles – RM199.90
Night Raven with Air Viper

GI Joe Movie R.H.I.N.O (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive Vehicle) with exclusive Rampage – RM279.90

GI Joe Movie PIT Mobile Headquarter with Exclusive Hawk Figure – RM549.90
GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Pit-Mobile-Headquarter-2 GIJoe-RiseofCobra-Pit-Mobile-Headquarter-1

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Written by David

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