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GI Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figure Wave 10 Revision 3

This G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures Wave 10 (2008 Wave 6 Revision 3) case includes 8 individually packaged characters:
1x Snake Eyes (Commando)
1x Battle Armor Cobra Commander
1x Sgt. Rock ‘N Roll (Machine Gunner)
1x Roadblock (Heavy Machine Gunner)
1x Major Bludo (Mercenary)
1x Mutt & Junkyyard (K-9 Officer & Attack Dog)
1x Python Officer (Python Patrol Officer)
1x The Enemy (Cobra H.I.S.S Driver)

Retail @ RM22.90 each.

Wave 10R3 Battle-Armor CobraWave 10R3 BluddWave 10 R3 H.I.S.S DriverWave 10 R3 MuttWave 10 R3 Python OfficerWave 10 R3 RoadblockWave 10 R3 RocknrollWave 10 R3 Snakeeyes Commando

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