GI Joe Collector Action Figure 5-Pack: GI Joe and Cobra


Build your forces of G.I. Joe or Cobra with the Collector 5-Packs. Each pack comes with 5pcs 3 3/4″ action figures of either the GI Joe team or the Cobra team, complete with accessories. This wave includes 2 different 5-packs:
The Joe Team (Hawk, Flint, Lady Jayne, Snake Eyes, Shipwreck)
The Cobra Team (Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Baroness, Zartan, Viper)



  1. i just bought the Cobra 5 pack set (not opened yet), and am very curious about the rectangle on Zartan’s chest-plate. it looks as if the plastic is cut or something in a horizontal-laying rectangle, the package says nothing (at least on the outside), but i’m wondering if this has anything to do with color change?

    i just found out online today that a few Zartan releases actually had color change-faces, as the 25th i bought (w/out the chameleon sled), doesn’t have the color change logo, and while still in package, it doesn’t seem that my version changes color (i was ticked and bewildered as to why they’d release a “classic” Zartan that didn’t change color— i guess i didn’t find the right one!
    thanks guys- (i was also happy to see the 5pack’s Viper has a chrome/mirror mask-shield- its about time)

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