Hasbro G1 Commemorative Decepticon Piranacon / Seacons


Hasbro’s latest G1 Commemorative series continue with the limited edition Seacons (Decepticon Piranacon)! In their individual forms, the Seacons growl and slash their way along with unique weapons and abilities. Together, their power is more than the addition of all their skills. Combined as Piranacon, their force multiplies and their minds merge into an uncontrollable tsunami of destruction. The seacons is Snap Trap, Overbite, Seawing, Nautilator, Skalor, and Tentakil. All 6 decepticons can combine and form the Piranacon. This is limited run and will be sold out very soon.

In stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and Toy Garden Kuala Lumpur. Grab them now!