Hasbro Marvel Universe 3 3/4 Inches Action Figures Wave 12 Revision Case


The legends of the Marvel Universe got a little bit smaller! These pocket-size, 3 3/4-inch action figures include incredible articulation and amazing detail, and are perfectly scaled with your other similarly sized toys. Marvelous mutants, superb superheroes, and venomous villains are all here!

In stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and Toy Garden for RM39.90 each, some are sold in sets only.

This Wave 12 Revision 5 case includes 12 action figures:-
1x Thing
1x Hulk
1x Ronin
1x Hand Ninja
1x Wolverine
1x Warpath
1x Sunfire
1x Captain America (Original)
1x Modern Thor
1x Kitty Pryde W/ Lockheed
1x Archangel
1x Havok


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