Hasbro Marvel Universe Action Figures Wave 6


Toywiz Malaysia and Toy Garden will bring in the latest wave of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe soon which includes some new hot figures! The legends of the Marvel Universe got a little bit smaller! These pocket-size, 3 3/4-inch action figures include incredible articulation and amazing detail, and are perfectly scaled with your other similarly sized toys. Marvelous mutants, superb superheroes, and venomous villains are all here! Each Marvel Universe figure is selling at RM39 each, and some are sold in sets only.

This Wave 6 includes the following figures, revised and confirm list:
– Team X Wolverine
– Ghost Rider
– Hawkeye (Dark Avengers)
– Constrictor
– Yellow Jacket with Mini Antman
– Iron Man 2020
– Thanos
– Spider-Man (Red / Blue)
– Iron Man
– Colossus
– Juggernaut
– Iron Spider-Man


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