Hasbro Signature Series EP5 Darth Vader & EP3 Anakin Skywalker Force FX Ligthsabers


The first wave from Hasbro Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber Collectible has arrived to Toywiz Malaysia and selling for RM499 each.

Starwars Lightsaber EP5 Darth Vader and EP3 Anakin

This is the official replica of Darth Vader’s Lightsaber from Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Glowing, bright red/blue blade ignites with realistic power-up and power-down light effects. Authentic lightsaber sound effects digitally recorded from the movie. It features four motion sensor-controlled sound effects: Power-Up, Power-Down, Idle Hum, and Clash. Durable metal hilt looks and feels like a real lightsaber. Sturdy blade is permanently attached to the hilt and includes a specially designed base to display the lightsaber.

Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker Lightsabers


  1. Hey, im a big collector of these FX lightsabers, can’t get enough of them. I just wanted to point out that there is the Darth Vader episode IV and V. If you look at them close together there are some minute differences. The one in the picture is the same one Master Replicas passed onto Hasbro towards the end ex. Yoda’s saber was MR now its Hasbro Signature. Just wanted to say that the one in the picture is the episode IV model. The first main differences are on the bottom of the hilt. you can see that the bottom grips, those black things that stick out stop shorter than V’s. You have exposed metal showing below where the middle on/off switch is. On the real EPS V those black grips extend all the way to the top and reach the switch. Thats the most obvious one. #2 is the on/off button which is centered on the EBS-V with the middle and it’s curved on the ANH IV model. Alittle confusing, i own the episode IV model and i just learned this stuff this week… sooo i’ve been looking for the ESB V model now as long as its recent (models with the LED’s not the older 2002-3 models which are bigger too) but it claims hasbro is making it i think. But anywho i just wanted to avoid confusion. If you want bad ass sabers with re-enforced blades go to parksabers.com they are brighter stronger and have 2 modes of operation. Hope i helped!

  2. Hey,
    Is Anakin’s FX Lightsaber still available?
    and I hope you can reduce the price a lil bit.

  3. Is anakin’s lightsaber is still available?Can you please reduce the cost of the saber?Thanks.BTW,you should reduce the cost because the price isn’t same as the international price.I checked at http://www.brianstoys.com,the sell the same thing for USD$99.99 without shipment cost.So,the price for the anakin’s lightsaber is not very reasonable.So please,can you reduce the cost?

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