Hasbro Supreme Class Constructicon Devastator


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Devastator Figure
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Devastator Figure
Hasbro has sent us the official image of the coming Supreme Class figure, the mighty Construticon Devastator (combine all 6 vehicles to form the Devastator Combiner). From the movie, we can see that all 6 vehicles: Mixmaster, Scrapper, Long Haul, Scavenger, Hightower, and Rampage, combine and form the mighty Devastator and tried to bring down the pyramid!

This item is in stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and selling hot RM449. Grab this now or call to order today!

Now you can have the huge Decepticon figure soon at Toywiz Malaysia! Added in motion-activated and conversion sounds, this must be the toy to get for the ROTF line! Noted that the vehicle can not be transformed into Robots. At post time, we have not received the recommended retail price from Hasbro on the Supreme Devastator, retail price at RM449.

Combine all six detailed vehicles – including MIXMASTER vehicle with motion-activated vehicle and conversion sounds! – to create the mighty CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR figure! Lights and destruction sounds show his enemies he means business and when this CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR figure speaks, they’re sure to run in fear! Recreate exciting movie scenes right in your living room with this super-cool figure.


For your viewing pleasure, here is a scene from the movie, Devastator is combining and transforming!


  1. Would be great if all the vehicles can be transformed into robots just like the one that i have – the original green colored devastator by takara…i would surely buy it and place it side by side with my constructicons

  2. Can’t any one toyline of anything just have the option to have everything to scale? I don’t even care what scale that is…just to scale.

    Now if they made voyager class toys of all of the constructicons and had them able to join one another, that thing would be huge – and awesome. What’s wrong with that?

    These things by themselves are going to be dinky…

    I can understand offering different things at different sizes to accomodate different ages/incomes/whatever, but for the passionate collector, who cares if you have a 4-ft tall devastator to stand against your 10-inch leader prime and such…

    The First toy movie line goofed in my opinion with Blackout and Bonecrusher too…they should have been offered in the leader class size…Bonecrusher wasn’t even offered in the voyager class. Remember the first movie with the scene with bonecrusher vs prime? They were pretty evenly sizes foes dueling it out.

    Just sucks.

  3. Hi,

    There is a video review of this toy in You Tube. Go to the link below and check it out.

  4. In the picture above, the leg is straightened and it makes it look weird and ugly. But if you check the review, the figure looks much much nicer and the effects on the head with the lights looks cool. Definitely a must for all collectors of Transformers toys.

  5. i absolutely agree with nater..
    i am waiting for (miracles) a nicely scaled up Devastator..

    Blackout, Bonecrusher and Starscream from TF1 must all be at least Leader Class to be properly scaled..but too bad…i think it ain’t gonna happen..
    perhaps a Leader class Starscream for ROTF line..rumors..which i hope will come true..hehe

  6. Ya it is so weird TF1 brawl have leader class and blackout, starscream dont have leader class??

  7. i saw leader class devastator alr… it is so sad Mixmaster, Scrapper, Long Haul, Scavenger, Hightower, and Rampage cant transform itself… i will wait for the better version for devastator… ;(

  8. rm449? my friend already bought it.. damn ugly.. with this price, i’d better go for Mp-x grimlock..

  9. I agree with Nat, this is not to scale. I am tempted to get it, but due to this scale issue, I am going to wait…

  10. As much as I would like for everything to be properly scaled, I can definitely see this Devastator being set up as a diorama piece with the legends version. Not really a biggie, though I agree, they should release proper scaled up version or at least voyager size that can combine.

  11. I agreed with the scale problems! Give me such a headache!
    As long as I know,the decepticons much more bigger than the autobots rite!?
    in this case we have to mix n match between leader,voyager and deluxe class la..

  12. hello..I just want to know…this guy is still in stock…if this guy in stock please sent me the price through email…thank you

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