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Hasbro Transformers Movie 2 Toys Wave 3, 4, 5 and 6

A lot of customers keep asking about the release date for the upcoming wave 3, 4, 5 and wave 6 ROTF toys. When is the Leader Class Jetfire available? When is the Devastator available? When are the rest of them coming in to Toywiz? So, we will list down some important dates here for you as reference here 🙂
Please also noted that the date here is subject to change as sometime Hasbro may delay their release dates.

Update Assortment List: TRA MV2 Deluxe Class Wave 7 and TRA MV2 Voyager Class Wave 6!

Hasbro Wave 3 Deluxe Class (1st July, 2009)
Cannon Bumblebee x2
Ravage x2
Mudflap x2
Interroggator Barricade x2
transformers rotf deluxe cannon bumblebee box transformers rotf deluxe mudflap box transformers rotf deluxe interrogator barricade box transformers rotf deluxe ravage box

Hasbro Wave 4 Deluxe Class (27th July, 2009)
Jolt x2
Blazemaster x2
Skids and Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck 2pack) x2
Deadend x2
transformers-rotf-deluxe-mudflap-icecream-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-jolt-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-blazemaster-box transformers-rotf-deluxe-dead-end-box

Hasbro Wave 5 Deluxe Class (9th August, 2009)
Arcee x1
Scorponok x1
Swerve x2
Skids and Mudflap x1
Jolt x1
Blazemaster x1
Sideways x1
transformers-rotf-deluxe-swerve transformers-rotf-deluxe-stalker-scorponok transformers-rotf-deluxe-arcee

For more pictures on the Blazemaster, Jolt, Icecream trucks, you can check out this forum page from Transformersbay Forum.

Hasbro Wave 6 Deluxe Class (7th September, 2009)
Autobots Gears x1
Thrust x1
Mudflap x1
Ravage x1
Chromia x1
Cannon Bumblebee x2
Smokescreen x1

Hasbro Wave 7 Deluxe Class (or Transformers MV2 Deluxe Class Wave 1 2010)
Autobots Gears
Jet (Dirge as suggested by Greg?)
Dune Buggy

Hasbro Wave 3 Voyager Class (20th June, 2009)
Mixmaster x2
Megatron x2
transformers rotf voyager megatron transformers rotf voyager mixmaster box

Hasbro Wave 3 Revision 2 Voyager Class (1st July, 2009)
Mixmaster x1
Megatron x1
Fallen x1
Desert Tracker Ratchet x1

Hasbro Wave 4 Voyager Class (6th July, 2009)
Stratosphere x1
Demolishor x1
Starscream x1
Optimus Prime x1

Hasbro Wave 4 Revision 3 Voyager Class (20th June, 2009)
Stratosphere x1
Fallen x1
Megatron x1
Tracker Ratchet x1
transformers rotf voyager stratosphere

Hasbro Wave 5 Voyager Class (20th July, 2009)
Grindor x2
Long Haul x2
transformers-rotf-voyager-grindor transformers-rotf-voyager-longhaul

Hasbro Wave 6 Voyager Class (or Transformers MV2 Voyager Class Wave 1 2010)
Tank (Bludgeon as reported by TF08)
Jungle Attack Ironhide (as suggested by Greg)

Hasbro Wave 2 Leader Class (6th July, 2009)
Jetfire x1
Optimus Prime x1

What do you think?

Written by David

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