Hasbro Transformers KRE-O Construction Sets


Hasbro’s new KRE-O TRANSFORMERS construction sets are now available at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia! From favorite characters and high quality materials to unique accessories and collectible Kreon figures, the KRE-O collection will excite builders of all ages. The first few characters from the Kre O series will feature both Autobots and Decepticons!

Transformers KRE-O Optimus Prime with Trailer – RM339
Includes 5 Kreons- Optimus Prime, Skywarp, Bluestreak, and 2 motorcycle drivers

Transformers KRE-O Bumblebee – RM169
Includes 3 Kreons- Bumblebee, Red Alert and Driver

Transformers KRE-O Megatron – RM189
Includes 4 Kreons- Megatron, Shockwave, and 2 drivers

Transformers KRE-O Starscream – RM159
Includes 3 Kreons- Starscream, and 2 pilots

Transformers KRE-O Ratchet – RM109
Includes 2 Kreons- Ratchet and a driver

Transformers KRE-O Sideswipe – RM119
Includes 2 Kreons- Sideswipe and a driver

Transformers KRE-O Mirage – RM59
Includes 2 Kreons- Mirage and a driver

Transformers KRE-O Jazz – RM59
Includes 2 Kreons- Jazz and a driver

Transformers KRE-O Sentinel Prime – RM209
Includes 4 Kreons- Sentinel Prime, Soundwave, Thundercracker and Fire Chief

Transformers KRE-O Basic Series Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – RM45 each