Hot Wheels 1:18 Scale Elite Dark Knight Tumbler, 1989 Movie Batman Batmobile, TV Batmobile


We will be taking preorders for some incoming Hot Wheels 1:18 Scale ELITE Series Batman Batmobiles. The batmobiles have become the iconic vehicle for all the Batman movies and fans are definitely collecting all these different version of batmobiles from each movies. Toywiz and Toy Garden will bring in limited quantities of these Elite version of HOT WHEELS 1:18 scale Batmobile and Batcycle. So place your preorder fast!

Hot Wheels ELITE 1:18 Scale 1989 MOVIE Batmobile (R1794) Price: RM449

Hot Wheels ELITE 1:12 Scale 1966 TV Series Batcycle (R0006) Price: RM449

Hot Wheels ELITE 1:18 Scale 1966 TV Series Batmobile (T3532) Price: RM529

Hot Wheels ELITE 1:18 The Dark Knight Batmobile Tumbler (T6940) Price: RM449

The Evolution of Batmobile from 1941 till 2010
The Evolution of Batmobile


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