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Hot Wheels Garage Series and Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Series

We just received news about the latest Hot Wheels 1:64 scale adult collectibles coming to Toywiz and Toy Garden early year 2011 and there will be 2 series coming our way! The hot wheels 1:64 Garage Series and Vintage Racing Series. Both will be available at Toywiz and Toy Garden in limited edition and carry a price tag of RM20 each.

Hot Wheels® Garage Series R1777
Building off the success of Larry’s Garage™ celebrating Larry Wood’s hand-picked designs, in 2010 you’ll find two more of your favorite designers in the mix. Wayne’s Garage and Phil’s Garage showcase designs from Wayne Scott and Phil Riehlman, two more of our favorite Hot Wheels® designers. While Larry’s Garage™ cars have a historical flavor, highlighting classic hot rod styling, Wayne’s Garage cars are modern and progressive, featuring muscle cars and rat rods, and just as Wayne’s fans expect, plenty of excess. Phil’s Garage cars are more traditional, reflecting Phil’s classic hot rod style, as well as his love of Volkswagen castings. Together all 3 make for the coolest Hot Wheels® Garage ever. Park these in your collection.

Hot Wheels® Vintage Racing Series T8450
Some of the lineup for Hot Wheels Vintage Racing series as reported as following:-
1964 Ford Galaxie
1965 Ford Galaxie Mustang
1966 Chevrolet Cavelle
1967 Camaro
1968 Gurney Mercury, Dodge Hemi Dart
1969 Ford Talladega, Camaro
1970 Challenger, Road Runner, Plymouth Superbird, Mercury Cyclone, Mustang Boss 302, Dodge Challenger, Mustang Mach I, Strickland Camaro
1971 AMC Javelin, Plymouth GTX
1973 Plymouth Duster
1974 Chevrolet Vega, AAR Cuda, Datson Bluebird 510

The all new Vintage Racing Series Case A and Case B are in stock now at Toy Garden and Toywiz! Grab them while stocks last.

#1/30 Sox And Martin’s ’73 Plymouth Duster
#2/30 Dan Gurney’s ’68 Mercury Cougar
#3/30 Dick Landy’s Dodge Challenger
#4/30 Dave Strickler’s ’70 Chevy Camaro RS
#5/30 AJ Foyt’s ’65 Ford Mustang
#6/30 ’70 Dodge Challenger “Continental Shaker”
#7/30 Shirley Shahan’s ’68 Dodge Dart “Drag-On-Lady”
#8/30 Dick Landy’s ’68 Hemi Dart
#9/30 George Folmer’s ’70 Mustang Boss 302

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Written by David

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