Kaiyodo Revoltech Disney Pixar Figure Collection 001 Nemo & Dolly 002 Wall-E


Revoltech will bring us a new Disney Pixar collection coming this Dec 2011, being the first two character from Finding Nemo and Wall-E! Fully posable fish! Yes, it’s the Pixar’s Finding Nemo star himself, getting the Revoltech treatment as a fully posable figure. Includes different faces, and dizzy Dory as an accessory! Even his “special fin” is faithfully reproduced! Revoltech Pixar-002 That’s right, It’s Wall-E’s turn! Fully posable, with a gaggle of accessories, he’s ready to recreate scenes from the Pixar movie or follow your own script!

Preorder now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia for RM109 each, estimated arrival Dec 2011.