Kaiyodo Revoltech Queen’s Blade Series 003 Echidna


Hot from Revoltech’s Queens Blade series, 003 will be featuring Echidna from the Lost Worlds. From wikipedia, Echidna (エキドナ, Ekidona) is a wild elf; from the southern jungles, Echidna is an elven mercenary with over 500 years of experience. In the past she led the Assassins of the Fang, but is now a mercenary. She is considered a favorite to win the Queen’s Blade tournament, but her current employer is unknown – all that is certain is that she herself has no interest in the throne. She is voiced by Yuki Kaida in the anime. Also in the anime, she wears a poisonous snake, which she keeps as a pet and has it help her fight on occasion. She was created by the artist F.S. The figure is best for the japanese anime fans!

In Stock now at Toywiz Malaysia.


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