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Kre-O Transformers Micro Changers Combiners and Minifigures Collection Series 1

Hasbro’s KRE-O TRANSFORMERS MICRO-CHANGERS are a brand new way to play with your favorite AUTOBOTS & DECEPTICONS. Now KREON figures are also 2-in-1 and can be built in robot form & rebuilt in their own alternate build.


The most legendary Robots in Disguise are back in smaller, constructable form. Each combiner team includes 4 mini-figures with weapons and parts to make multiple modes! Each Kreon can be a vehicle or a robot, or you can take all 4 and make a giant combiner robot!

Wave 1 includes:
– Constructicon Devastator
– Bruticus
– Superion
– Predaking

-Battle for the future of Earth and Cybertron!
-Come with weapons and spare parts to change into vehicles.
-It’s a fun surprise in every box with the Transformers Kreon Micro Changers!

Battle for the future of Earth and Cybertron with the Kre-O Transformers Mini-Figures that come with weapons and spare parts to change into vehicle mode! There are 12 different blind-bagged figures in this series… which ones will you get? Characters in this assortment may include Dirge, Vehicon, Rampage, Warpath, and many others. and others. It’s a fun surprise in every box with the Kreon Micro Changers!


Here are the code list of Minifigures from Collection 1:
22981 40 – Singe
22981 41 – Inferno
22981 42 – Autobot Springer
22981 43 – Warpath
22981 44 – Quickslinger
22981 45 – Rampage
22981 46 – Insecticon
22981 47 – Blast Off
22981 48 – Decepticon Hook
22981 49 – Dirge
22981 50 – Airachnid
22981 51 – Decepticon Bludgeon

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