Lego 71001 Minifigures Series 10


Lego 71001 Minifigures Series 10 will be released in May 2013. It will include 16 minifigures and also feature an additional, very rare one, Mr. Gold. Toywiz and Toy Garden will be bringing in these collectible minifigs soon. A full set of 16 figures is available for order now, RM240 per set!

Lego Minfigures Series 10 Banner

Minifig Series 10:
– Librarian with a mug and book
– Medusa
– Roman Commander with a sword and cape
– Warrior Woman with a shield and spear
– Tomahawk Warrior with a tomahawk
– Skydiver with a parachute
– Bumblebee Girl with a jar of honey and wings
– Grandpa with a mug and newspaper
– Paintballer with a paintball marker
– Sea Captain with a seagull and binoculars
– Sad Clown
– Revolutionary Soldier with a musket
– Baseball Fielder with a glove
– Trendsetter with a dog and smartphone
– Decorator with a bucket and paint roller
– Motorcycle Mechanic with a wrench

Lego Minifig Series 10 Bag