Lego 8803 Collectible Minifigures Vol 3

We just received news about the Lego Minifigs Series 3 and will be taking preorder for these collectible figures at both Toywiz and Toy Garden Kuala Lumpur. The full list of these minifigs is included here and we will be selling them in a whole set of all 16 figures. If you intend to collecti the whole series, be sure to buy them in a set as it’s very hard to pick up each figures individually.

A set of all 16 minifigures is RM240. Preorder now to reserve your set! In stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and Toy Garden Kuala Lumpur. Minifigs are sold either in sets or individually.

Lego 8803 Minifigures Vol 3
* Hula Dancer with maracas
* Tribal Chief with spear
* Samurai Warrior with armour and Katana
* Female Tennis Player with racket
* Sumo Wrestler with trophy
* Baseball Player with bat
* Fisherman with fishing rod and fish
* Elf with bow, shield and green cape
* Male Rapper with stereo and microphone
* Space Alien (Green Squidman head) with golden laser gun (re-coloured Spaceman gun)
* Gorilla Suit Guy with banana. (Originally thought of as a Gorilla)
* Race Car Driver with interchangeable blonde hair and racing helmet
* Mummy with scorpion
* Female Snowboarder with snowboard
* Space Villain with recoloured Spaceman helmet and re-coloured dark grayish Spaceman blaster, also has a metal leg and a robotic arm with black hand
* Pilot with Military Backpack and pilot helmet

Just in case you need the secret codes for each individual minifigs, here is a checklist for your reference.

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Written by David

Toywiz/Toy Garden is in the Toys and Collectibles scene for over 8 years in Malaysia. You can be a fan and add us from facebook: Toywiz Malaysia


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