Lego Ninjago The Serpentines Spinners and Models

We have received some new stocks from Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu, The Serpentines spinners set and models/vehicles playsets! The latest Lego training set is available at Toy Garden and Toywiz, as well as some of the latest sets like the Fangpyre Truck and Rattlecopter.

LEGO 9561 Kai ZX – RM35
Spin your way to victory with Kai ZX! Bring firepower into your Spinjitzu battles and scorch the enemies of Ninjago like never before! Use the 4 battle cards included to influence the outcome. Set also includes flame yellow sp inner, gunmetal crown, golden weapon, 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards.

LEGO 9573 Slithraa – RM35
Spin your way to victory against the Spinjitzu masters! With his hypnotizing stare and mesmerizing golden weapon, Slithraa is about to catch the eye of his opponents, the ninja warriors! Use the 4 battle cards included to influence the outcome. Set includes minifigure, blue transparent spinner, blue crown, LEGO bricks, golden weapon and 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards.

LEGO 9590 NRG-Zane – RM35
Spin your way to victory! NRG Zane has transformed into pure ice energy. With his golden weapon and new NRG ability, those annoying snakes will freeze in fear when they see him coming! Use the 4 battle cards included to influence the outcome. Set includes minifigure, ice transparent spinner, silver crown, LEGO bricks, golden weapon, 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards.

LEGO 9440 Venomari Shrine – RM40
Deep inside the hidden Venomari Shrine, Zane must retrieve the mysterious, golden Venomari staff and the anti-venom hidden inside. As he tiptoes around the toxic snake slime to reach the staff, 2 mini-snakes lunge at him. Can he avoid their razor-sharp fangs and acid spit to escape with the staff? You decide! Includes Zane ZX minifigure, 2 Venomari mini-snakes, golden Venomari staff and silver sword.
Includes Zane ZX minifigure with silver sword
Features dual snake launch functions
Accessories include 2 Venomari mini-snakes, toxic slime and golden Venomari staff
Launch the snakes for a surprise attack!
Avoid the toxic slime and seize the staff!
Venomari Shrine measures over 2” (7cm) tall and 3” (9cm) wide

LEGO 9558 Training Set – RM80
Help Kai master his new Kendo gear and spin until he is a Spinjitzu master! Then, test his new skills against the Training Arena’s snake tail. Spin into the snake tail to release weapons! Reward Kendo Kai with 6 weapons! Set includes Kendo Kai minifigure, orange fire spinner, silver crown, 6 weapons, 1 character card, 4 battle cards and snake tail training obstacle.

LEGO 9579 Ninjago Starter Set – RM80
Spin your way to victory with the Starter Set! Build the Spinjitzu Arena, pick your character and play the cards to influence the outcome! Battle with Cole ZX in upgraded Ninja suit and Rattla, the sneaky member of the Hy nobrai snake tribe. Create and customize your own Spinjitzu battles! Set includes 2 LEGO minifigures, 2 spinners, 2 crowns, 2 golden weapons, 6 weapons, 2 character cards, 8 battle cards and enough LEGO bricks to build the Spinjitzu Arena!

LEGO 9441 Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle – RM109
Don’t let Rattla get away! Battle for the golden Hypnobrai staff with the LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle, which features a big blade attack function and includes Kai ZX and Rattla miniature figures, a golden Hypnobrai staff and two ninja swords.
– Protect the golden Hypnobrai staff from Rattla
– Use the big blade attack function
– Two ninja swords included
– Kai ZX and Rattla miniature figure included
– 188 pieces

LEGO 9443 Rattlecopter – RM169
Lord Garmadon’s son Lloyd is getting away with the golden Constrictai staff – until he gets cornered by Fang-Suei, a fearsome soldier of the Fangpyre snake tribe. Will Lloyd taste the bite of Fang-Suei’s Rattlecopter and his mini-snake minions? Help Kai to swoop in on his fire-powered jetpack to snatch the staff and rescue Lloyd! Beware of the Fangpyre’s bite and its power to turn people into snakes! Grab the staff and the anti-venom hidden inside as you blast out of there! Includes Kai ZX, Lloyd Garmadon and Fang-Suei minifigures, Rattlecopter, golden Constrictai staff, 3 weapons, 2 mini-snakes and jet-pack.

LEGO 9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush – RM269
Zane and Jay are making a getaway with the golden Fangpyre staff until the General of the Fangpyre snake tribe, Fangtom, sends his accomplice warrior Fangdam on an ambush attack. Help Zane and Jay to outrun Fang dam in the Fangpyre Truck with Zane’s elemental snowmobile! Activate the snowmobile’s ice sprayer to skid out of trouble on any terrain! Dodge the snake truck’s whipping tail strike and venomous front-end fangs while you escape with the staff and an ti-venom! Includes Zane ZX, Jay ZX, Fangtom and Fangdam minifigures, Fangpyre Truck, Zane’s snowmobile, golden Fangpyre staff and 4 weapons.

LEGO 9448 Samurai Mech – RM299
Send the Constrictai snakes flying with the awesome LEGO Ninjago Samurai Mech. Samurai X is on board the mighty Samurai Mech when she locates the Constrictai fang blade and closes in to claim it. Can scout Snike and warrior Bytar stop it with a catapult ambush? Or will the Samurai Mech’s massive blade, shoulder cannon shooter and bladed grabbers overcome the Constrictai snakes? Includes a Samurai Mech, a catapult, a Constrictai fang blade with an orange anti-venom capsule and a weapon and three minifigures: Samurai X, Snike and Bytar.
Includes three minifigures: Samurai X, Snike and Bytar. Features a massive blade, a shoulder cannon shooter, bladed grabbers, an opening cockpit, poseable joints and a golden spinner crown mounted on the chest.

LEGO 9450 Epic Dargon Battle – RM659
Defeat the Great Devourer in an epic battle between good and evil with the LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle play set. The Great Devourer has been awakened and threatens to devour the world of Ninjago. Can the legendary green ninja, riding the awesome four-headed Ultra Dragon, overpower his evil adversary? Can Lord Garmadon harness the power of the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu to destroy the mighty snake? Can Jay defeat the evil snake generals Acidicus and Skalidor and snake soldier Chokun to release his master from the impenetrable snake prison? Only you can decide the outcome. Includes seven minifigures: Lloyd ZX, Jay ZX, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Skalidor and Chokun. Features the four-headed Ultra Dragon, the Great Devourer, a snake prison, a Hypnobrai fang blade with a blue anti-venom capsule, four golden weapons and seven regular weapons.

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