Marvel Universe 3.75″ Action Figures Wave 22


Heroes and villains from your favorite comics! Classic Marvel Universe characters in a collectible 3 3/4-inch size! Silver Surfer, Captain America, Mysterio, Spider-Man, and more. Awesome articulation and fantastic detail! In stock now at Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia!
The legends of the Marvel Universe just got a little bit smaller! These pocket-size action figures include incredible articulation and amazing detail, and are perfectly scaled with your other 3 3/4-inch scale toys. Marvelous mutants, superb superheroes, and venomous villains are all here! Ages 4 and up.

marvel universe wave 22

This Wave includes:
– Silver Surfer
– Iron Fist
– Rhino
– Captain America
– Mysterio
– Elektra
– Black Costume Spider-Man
– Iron Spider-Man

Each figure is RM42 and some are sold in sets only.