Mattel Disney Cars with Eyes Assortment and New Toon Cars Series


With the 1:55 scale being so popular among collectors, Mattel continue to come out with brand new “With Eyes” assortment SKU: R1344 to their mainline of Disney/Pixar Cars collection. These new cars characters feature new clear packaging which you can see through from the back and front! Absolutely perfect for Cars collectibles and keep in their pristine collection. Retail price is RM29.90 and first wave includes: #1 Lightning McQueen, #2 Crusin McQueen, #11 Doc Hudson, #20 Mater, #24 Chick Hicks, #38 Filmore, #46 Sheriff, #47 The King, #48 Lizzie, #94 Ferrari, and #100 Sarge.


With the release of Pixar’s new TV animation series “Cars Toon”, Mattel will start another 1:55 scale series based on it. The first assortment will comes with 5 cars: #1 Burnt Lightning McQueen, #2 Nurse Kori, #3 Rescue Squad Trooper, #4 Nurse GTO, #5 and #6 Orderly Pittys 1 & 2. Retail price is RM25 each.

mattel-disney-toon-cars-assortment mattel-disney-toon-cars-4pack

And also some 4-packs assortment with the first two packs: Rescue Squad Mater 4-pack: Burnt Lightning McQueen, Dr Mater, Nurse Mia, and Nurse Tia. The other one is Rescue Squad Mater, Chopper and Dalmation Mia and Tia! Retail price for each 4-pack will be RM109.90.


  1. I would like to receive the list of all possible cars, the collection McQueem therefore wish to purchase the entire collection, a gift for my grandson.
    If possible please send me name, photo and price of each model.
    I look fast response.


    Vitor Dauerbach

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