Medicom RAH DX Masked Rider V3 (Renewal Version)


[image title=”medicom-rah-maskedrider-v3-renewal” size=”large” id=”2132″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]

Medicom Toy will release the Masked Rider V3 (renewal version) around July 2009. The Real Action Hero series is 1/6 scale (30cm height). Great power and cool technique !! Mask & Crasher is completely re-created from the unique V3’s shape.(dummy head included). Super sense of touch antenna is fully re-created by the injection parts. The side hopper in the belt can be taking off. 3 different gloves for both hands. Comes with a cool figure stand. Preorder now from Toywiz Malaysia for RM620. Grab it before it’s sold out as this is quite limited in production.