Mighty Muggs Blank White Figure


Hasbro released a blank white Mighty Muggs figure specially for fans and designers so that they can customize and design their very own vinyl toys! The new blank white Mighty Muggs will come all white and perfect for fans and designers-alike to paint anything on it.

Special Introductory Price for the Blank White Mighty Muggs now at Toywiz: RM39 each!

[image title=”blankwhite-mightmuggs” size=”full” id=”1582″ align=”center” ]

Why we need some Blank Mighty Muggs?

From Wikipedia: Still, the most prolific form of customization seems to be a good old-fashioned re-paint. The Mighty Mugg’s surface is a nearly perfect ground for creating an image with paint, due to it’s factory smooth paintjob and lack of protruding features. Some artists seem to prefer using brushes and other conventional artist’s tools which lends a painterly look to the finished mugg, while others use stencils and airbrushes to achieve a more “factory” mugg look.

Customizers and artists alike have been quick to add their mark to the growing numbers of custom Mighty Muggs—many of which have been seen for sale on sites such as eBay and etsy. These customs range in quality, technique, and materials. In some rare instances, custom Mighty Mugg auctions have ended with final bids of almost $300, although the majority of customs fall into the $20-$100 range.

Hasbro has even encouraged this niche culture with the production of the “Blank Muggs”, which have “you can’t get enough of us, because, yes, we are that awesome! you demand to see the characters you want. well, we don’t have the time to obey your whims. we are not your monkeys. you want to see a figure so bad? make it yourself.” printed on the back of each box.

The demand for custom Mighty Muggs has been steadily growing, and in accordance, the numbers of new customs appearing weekly has nearly tripled since spring of ’08. Some artists have been generating two or more customs per week for several months now, making it nearly impossible to track or view all the customs that have been done.


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