New Upcoming Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Licenses 2011


Hot Toys has just announced some of their upcoming movie license for the year 2011 and we can expect another exciting year ahead! For 2011 blockbuster movies, we are all aiming the marvel movies like Thor and Captain America, as well as Pirates of the Carribbean, Batman movie 1989, Indiana Jones and video game figures like Metal Gear Solid! Check out the attached photos for a quick glimpse of what to expect in 2011.

Marvel Movies Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger

Indiana Jones Movie Masterpiece – Harrison Ford as Indy

Movie Masterpiece Batman Classic Movie 1989 – with Jack Nicholson as The Joker

Movie Masterpiece Pirates of the Caribbean

Video Game Masterpiece Metal Gear Solid

Space Pirate Captain Harlock – movie adapted from Japanese manga series by Leiji Matsumoto

Sucker Punch Movie – with sexy girls!