Revoltech Macross Transformation Valkyrie 082 VF-1A and 083 VF-1S


We have received the new Revoltech Yamaguchi series Macross VF-1A and VF-1S, this time they can be transformed and changed to triple transformation! In stock now at Toywiz Malaysia and selling at RM110 each.

[First by Revoltech! Great Three-stage transformation!]
– It Transforms! Here is an arrival of Valkyrie, equipped with the first transformation gimmick in the Revoltech series!
– The series popular for its wide posing range, the Revoltech Yamaguchi has finally managed transformation!
– By attaching joints at each parts, you can easily reproduce the transformation scenes!
– Just like the original, you can pose it in the Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid modes!
– Of course, you can change the poses at each mode too!
– Create cool poses with the Rivlover Joints!
– The canopy can be swapped between the battroid mode and fighter mode.
– You can also change the wrist with ones for action!
– The Gunpod can be attached on different joints, able to be changed for storage or use.
– Using the stand base will increase your range of poses!


  1. hi,did u have Revoltech Yamaguchi VF-1J? because i want to buy 3item together from you.
    And how much for the shipping fee to JB? thank.

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