Revoltech Sci-Fi 031 Iron Man War Machine


For those who owns the Ironman Mark 4 and Mark 6 Revoltech figures, you are definitely not going to miss this one out! The War Machine is coming soon to Toy Garden and Toywiz!
– Systemic heavy weapons, the overwhelming volume modeling the heavy feeling of heavily armed suit design, also included effect parts and machine gun mounted Gatling gun to reproduce the battle scenes in the movie!

– Iron Man Mark Revoltech SFX 6 (No.024) powered suit modified for combat as a second Iron Man Mark 2 Iron Man series, following the War Machine appearance!
– [War Machine] systemic heavy weapons as the name of the overwhelming volume of unchanged design in molding the image of the heavily armed
– Use a 22 revolver in massive proportions, provides a high degree of mobility as well as the freedom to reproduce poses!
– The shoulder is the main feature of the Gatling Gun War Machine uses two 6mm joints can move freely in different directions
– Included effect is given to parts of the arms and machine gun gatling gun, reproducible intense battle scenes in the movie
– Representing the image in the drama of the War Machine armor parts marking painted Gun Metal Gray and hard feeling
– Revoltech Iron Man Mark 6 (Scifi-No.024) alongside can be posed together with War Machine as seen.

PreorderIn stock now at Toy Garden or Toywiz Malaysia for RM169


  1. Got this today. Although I personally feel Revoltech’s Optimus Prime was better in terms of details, this War Machine figure was not bad neverthless.

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