Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Vehicle ARC-170 Fighter and Y-Wing Bomber


The Shadow ARC-170 (Aggressive ReConnaissance) fighter blasts into battle! Clone troopers are specially trained to serve aboard these attack and recon vessels. The ARC-170 carries a crew of three and has an astromech droid to handle in-flight operations. The well-armed fighter lives up to its name as an aggressive vehicle against Separatist forces.

Launch your clone fighter pilots into battle with this awesome ship that’s loaded with action features! Swing down the handle for easy maneuverability: you can “pilot” the craft through space with the awesome “piloting” handle! Fire the wing cannons’ real working projectiles or drop proton torpedoes on the enemy! Adjust the wings as you prepare for battle… you can even insert an R2 unit (sold separately) into the droid slot! It’s action suited only for the dramatic conclusion of the Star Wars saga!

Vehicle body comes with two wings, two cannons, two projectiles, rear gun, two proton torpedoes, labels and instructions. Available now at Toywiz Malaysia and selling hot! RM249 each!




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