Star Wars Clone Wars Vehicles Wave 2


There are some new Star Wars vehicles just restocked at Toywiz and Toy Garden Kuala Lumpur. This wave includes some Clone Wars vehicles as well.

* Build your own fleet and launch the assault!
* Amazing vehicles from the movies and animated The Clone Wars series and the classic films!
* It’s like traveling through space, but not!

Build your own fleet of intergalactic proportions and launch the assault! The Star Wars saga continues with these terrific 3 3/4-inch scale collector vehicles. They include terrific action features, like firing missiles, so it’s almost like traveling through space. Each awesome toy in the assortment comes individually packaged in its own colorful, attention-grabbing box… ready to join the fight!

This case includes 4 individually packaged vehicles: Hyena Bomber, AT-AP, AAT Tank, and Republic Swamp Speeder. Each vehicle is RM109 and soem are sold in sets only.