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Star Wars Exclusive Crimson Empire Crucible Action Figures Box Set

Training the bodyguards for the galaxy’s elite ruler is no easy task… especially when he stops by to see how you’re doing. This out-of-this-world set of 3 3/4-inch action figures brings the instruction of the Emperor’s Royal Guard to life for the 1st time! This box set is available now at Toywiz Malaysia for RM169 each.

This exclusive box set includes 6 action figures:
1x Emperor Palpatine with lightsaber
1x Darth Vader with lightsaber
1x Lemmet Tauk (Purple) with battle staff
1x Kir Kanos (Yellow) with battle staff
1x Alum Frost (Red) with battle staff
1x Carnor Jax (Blue) with battle staff

[image title=”starwars-crimson-crucible” size=”large” id=”1253″ align=”none” ]

These select warriors were given intense training, special uniforms, and a unique insignia on their helmet. And then they were ordered to fight to the death. Straight from the pages of Dark Horse Comics’ Crimson Empire series, these terrifically detailed guards-to-be are ready for anything! They’re not afraid to kill for their leader and for the glory of his Empire, so don’t get in their way. You’d regret it!

[image title=”starwars-crimson-crucible-set” size=”full” id=”1254″ align=”none” ]

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