Star Wars Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack Jabba’s Skiff and AT-OT


The Star Wars Legacy Collection Ultimate Battle Pack series (which is exclusively for Target stores in the US) will be available at Toywiz Malaysia soon. These battlepacks are huge and contains vehicles and a few basic figures as well. Retail price will be RM349 each.

This assortment includes The Battle of Christophsis (with AT-OT and Starfighter, 5 basic figures) and The Battle at the Sarlacc Pitt (Jabba’s Skiff and 5 basic figures).

[image title=”starwars-ultimate-battlepack-at-ot” size=”full” id=”1276″ align=”none” ]
[image title=”starwars-ultimate-battlepack-jabba-skiff” size=”full” id=”1277″ align=”none” ]