Takara Tomy Japanese Cross Fight B-Daman In Toywiz Now


We have received latest stocks of the Takara Tomy Cross Fight B Daman in Toywiz Malaysia and Toy Garden now! We have Starter sets and Entry sets as well now! Bdaman Starter sets are RM29.90 each and Entry sets ranging from RM39.90 to RM59.90 each.

About B-Daman
Battle B-Daman or Battle B’Daman (B-伝説 バトルビーダマン Bī-Densetsu! Batoru Bīdaman?, B-Legend! Battle B-Daman) is an anime and manga series by Eiji Inuki that first aired in January 2004 in Japan, replacing Beyblade in its timeslot! It is themed around an enhanced version of a children’s schoolyard game – whereas Beyblade was based around spinning tops, Battle B-Daman is a dramatized version of marbles!

CB-01 Starter Blue Dragon B-Daman
bidaman CB01

CB-02 Starter Grey Shark B-Daman
bidaman CB02

CB-06 Starter Orange Eagle B-Daman
bidaman CB06

CB-08 Starter Rev-Dravise B-Daman
B-Daman CB-08

CB-12 Starter Torque B-Daman
bidaman CB12

CB-14 Starter Roll Sasword B-Daman
B-Daman CB-14

CB-15 Starter Stroke Orochi B-Daman
B-Daman CB-15

CB-24 Starter Spin Leohjya B-Daman
bidaman CB24

CB-26 Starter Force Dragren B-Daman
B-Daman CB-26

CB-28 Official Game Selection Long Bridge B-Daman
bidaman CB28

CB-29 Random Starter B-Daman
bidaman CB29

CB-32 Starter White Tiger B-Daman
bidaman CB32

CB-35 Starter Twin=Dorazero B-Daman
bidaman CB35

CB-38 Starter Drift Jacker B-Daman
B-Daman CB-38

CB-43 Starter Smash = Doragorudo B-Daman
bidaman CB43

CB-47 Starter Loading Diles B-Daman
B-Daman CB-47

CB-04 Entry Set Accele Dracyan DX Set B-Daman
B-Daman CB-04

CB-11 Entry Set Rev Dravise Rapid Fire Type B-Daman
B-Daman CB-11