Takara Tomy Reissue THS-02 Optimus Prime Hybrid Style Convoy


Toywiz Malaysia has received the reissue THS-02 Optimus Prime (better known as Hybrid Style Convoy) today. The packaging been updated with the new Takara Tomy logo. The Hybrid Convoy figure is set in the Generation 1 G1 style but with much greater articulation and the chest housing divides and opens to reveal the Matrix. Prime’s hands are interchangeable among a series of surplus appendages. His articulation is on par with the larger-scaled Transformers Masterpiece MP-1 G1 Convoy.

Comes equipped with his classic-style gun and also included an Autobot emblem base and a mount bracket to assist him in any number of display poses. Additionally, the fully functional trailer retains its classic dual capacity; the mechanical repair bay is well-articulated and comes equipped with loyal Autobot drone, Roller.

This item is selling hot and retail price at RM249 each.



  1. how many stock do you have there… i’m poisoned already… if this thing is at par with the masterpiece scale… maybe going to grab one

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